Wellness Cat Food, Natural Food and Treats for Pets.Wellness Cat Food

Wellness believes that mealtime is more than just a bowl of food. That it is the base for a longer and healthier life, together. With a focus on quality ingredients, they craft tasty recipes that give a naturally balanced diet for your cat.

Complete Health

Wellness’s Complete Health recipes for cats are made with premium ingredients without any fillers that provide a balanced diet to keep them healthy through life. The Complete Health line does come in different flavors, as well as grain-free options.

Wellness Core

Wellness Core is a grain-free line of food that is full of nutrient-dense protein that will satisfy your cat.

What We Carry

Here is a list of Wellness Dry Cat food that we carry.

  • Complete Health Adult
    • Salmon
    • Chicken
  • Complete Health Indoor (Chicken)
  • Complete Health Senior (Chicken)
  • Complete Health Grain Free Kitten (Chicken)

Here is a list of Wellness Wet Cat food that we carry.

  • Complete Health Pate
    • Chicken & Herring (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Turkey & Salmon (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Chicken (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Beef & Chicken (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Turkey (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Chicken & Lobster (5.5oz)
    • Salmon & Trout (3oz)
  • Complete Health Morsels
    • Chicken (3oz & 5.5oz)
    • Turkey & Salmon (3oz)
  • Gravies
    • Tuna Dinner (5.5oz)
  • Minced
    • Tunna Dinner (3oz)
  • Core Pate
    • Turkey (3oz kitten)
    • Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Liver (5.5oz)
  • Core Hearty Cuts
    • Shredded Chicken & Tuna (5.5oz)
  • Core Signature Selects
    • Shredded Boneless Chicken & Chicken Liver (2.8oz)
    • Flaked Skipjack & Shrimp (2.8oz)

As with any of the pet supplies, we try our best to carry a variety to cater to your needs. Not all products are available in store but we offer to bring in these products through special orders. We fill special orders in a week or less depending on our ordering day and holiday. Feel free to give us a call at 412-450-8479 if you have any questions or would like to place a special order.