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LocalPet continues in the spirit of a Pittsburgh favorite, Smiley’s Pet Pad, which was a staple of the Shadyside neighborhood for 21 years.

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‘New Pet Store in Point Breeze’

By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Signs in the window at Smiley’s Pet Pad in Shadyside advertise a 15 percent off sale that ends Friday. Smiley’s is closing this weekend, 22 years after Ginny Smiley succeeded her former boss as the owner of a pet store that opened in 1972.

The end of a small, independent store’s run is usually the end of the story, but this one has another chapter, a happy twist of succession: Brad Scheidmantel, Ms. Smiley’s manager and employee for 21 years, will succeed her with his own store (Local Pet) in Point Breeze. Read full story

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